Admission - Secondary One Admission Arrangement - Basic Information

Basic Information

Secondary One Admission Arrangement (2023 - 2024) 


Admission to Secondary 1 (S1) in September 2024


  1. Eligibility of Applicants:

  • Hong Kong residents

  • Attending primary schools participating in the Secondary School Places Allocation System (SSPA)

  • Have never been allocated a Secondary 1 place


  1. Main Phases:

  • Discretionary Places (DP) (30% of places)

    • No geographical restriction on the secondary schools you can apply to

    • According to the EDB’s guidelines, schools are allowed to set their own admission criteria and weightings for admission of students

    • Schools can arrange interviews for applicants to assess their abilities

    • Parents can fill in the name of the secondary school on the stub of the Secondary 1 DP Application Form provided by the Education Bureau and submit it together with the application form to our school before the application deadline. (Note: Parents/students are not allowed to submit applications to more than two participating secondary schools, otherwise the chance of getting DP will be cancelled; once the application form is submitted, it cannot be withdrawn, cancelled, or changed.)

    • Arrangements for Notifying Successful DP Applicants:

      • Parents of successful DP applicants will be notified of their children’s inclusion in the Successful Lists for Discretionary Places on 27 March

      • Students who are waitlisted and unsuccessful are not included in the notification arrangements

      • Notified parents are not required to respond to the notice All students allocated DP are not eligible for the Central Allocation phase

      • All students will be notified of the SSPA results in early July

    • Central Allocation (CA)

      • Excluding repeat students and DPs, the remaining school places will be subject to CA:

        • 10% for Part A “Unrestricted School Choices” - (Any school net, including the student’s school net, up to 3 secondary schools)

        • 90% for Part B “Student’s School Net” - (Student’s school net, up to 30 secondary schools)

      • Parents of successful applicants who have been notified by the school do not need to fill in the School Choice Documents

      • Parents who have not been notified of their children’s placement should complete the Secondary One Choice of Schools Form at the CA stage in April to facilitate their children’s participation in CA

  1. Places in our School

    • For 2024 - 2025, there will be a total of 132 Secondary 1 places;

    • DP phase: 30% of the school places According to the “Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) System” of the Education Bureau, we have 40 discretionary places for 2024 - 2025.