Chinese Language Education Key Learning Area

1. Catering for the diversity of student learning

  • “Putonghua Chinese” classes are set up at junior secondary levels to strengthen the Putonghua learning element so that students with stronger language ability and Putonghua proficiency can develop their potential.
  • School-based writing courses that employs appropriate teaching strategies to cater for the diversity of learning of students are developed.
  • Chinese Language Enrichment Courses are offered at junior secondary levels to provide after-school language foundation for students in need; and after-school courses catering for learner differences are offered at junior secondary levels to strengthen students’ Chinese language proficiency and enhance their performance in Chinese Language.


2. Promoting independent learning and developing students’ potential 

  • School-based literary language courses incorporating articles from literary classics are introduced at junior secondary levels to promote students’ interest in literary language and encourage self-learning.
  • Students with potential will be identified and trained as members of the “Putonghua Chinese Ambassador” Team to promote Chinese language activities and enable them to develop their talents


3. Creating a Linguistic Environment 

  • Students’ interest in language learning is enhanced through language activities such as “Morning Language”, Junior Secondary Language Study Blocks, “The Word Around Me” Essay Competition, and Putonghua Chinese Fortnight.
  • Putonghua Day and Putonghua Chinese Fortnight are held every year, with Putonghua being used for midday announcements on Tuesdays and Thursdays to create a better language environment for students to learn Putonghua.