Ma On Shan St. Joseph’s Secondary School is an aided secondary school run by the Franciscan Order. With the Catholic-Franciscan spirit, we strive to nurture students to know God, follow Christ, and become Franciscan youths.


The school attaches great importance to Religious Education. By referring to the Religious and Moral Education Curriculum Document published by the Diocese’s Religious and Moral Education Curriculum Development Centre in 2006 and the topics set out in the New Senior Secondary Ethics and Religious Studies, we have developed a School-based Curriculum for Religious Education. The curriculum echoes the mission and educational practices of our school.


The Junior Secondary Curriculum is based on the series of “Walking the Starlight Path”. The Senior Secondary Curriculum follows the content of “Ethics and Religious Studies”. For religion element, S4 focuses on the Old Testament and S5 on the life and teachings of Jesus. An introduction of liturgical festivals is also included. Issues in Ethics covered in Ethics and Religious Studies are included. There are also topics on Catholic virtues and spirituality. The Catholic perspective is introduced so that students can discern right from wrong, choose what is good and hold fast to it, and nurture correct values.


In terms of religious affairs, the school organises and implements various religious activities, such as the Catholic Society, liturgies, pilgrimages, retreats and volunteer services. Through such activities, students can get to know God and the Franciscan Ten Virtues. They thus lead a life with value judgement based on such virtues. They can thus follow the path of Jesus, become Francisan youths, and lead a life echoing “Deus Meus et Omnia”.


The school campus is placed with religious elements; crucifix, holy images, murals, and banners, creating a spirit of love and peace. Through the religion curriculum, activities, and campus environment, it is hoped that our students will aspire to learn more about God, follow the path of Jesus, become Franciscan youths, and lead a life echoing “Deus Meus et Omnia”.