Support for Student Growth


The school adopts the Whole School Approach to supporting students with special educational needs (SEN), providing them with diversified support, namely adapting teaching strategies and supporting facilities according to their individual abilities and needs, to achieve a more equitable and mutually supportive learning environment. The team comprises SEN Supervisors, SEN Support Teachers, Counsellors, School-based Educational Psychologist, School-based Speech Therapist, and two resident social workers.


Furthermore, the school has a dual class teacher system to cater for the needs of students at all levels, across subjects, across groups, across subject groups, and through the integration of training and support. The school also runs peer support programmes such as the “Elder Brother Elder Sister Programme” and “Guardian Angel”.


The school also places emphasis on home-school cooperation by establishing a regular communication mechanism, namely through circulars, face-to-face meetings, and support record forms, to liaise closely with parents. Through communication and collaboration with parents, they can understand their children’s situation and develop support strategies that best suit their needs and support their learning and development. Parent seminars and parent-child activities are also available for parents to understand the learning characteristics of SEN students and the school’s inclusive culture.


The school also participates in the School-based Educational Psychology Service, with a school-based speech therapist, two resident social workers and counsellors to help students with their learning and social development difficulties. In addition, our school also participates in the “ Whole School Approach to Providing Tiered Support for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Students' Social Adaptation Training Workshop”, “School-based Intensive Study Programme” (2019 - 2021), and “School-based After-school Learning and Support Programme” to provide academic, emotional, or social support to students in need. We also organise activities in collaboration with voluntary NGOs, focusing on junior secondary school students, through group activities, day camp training, volunteer visits, and so on, to foster a spirit of inclusiveness, equality, and caring among students.


In addition, the school incorporates the Whole School Approach in its school policy to develop and formulate the curricula, teaching strategies, homework policies, and test adaptations. A student support register is set up to record basic information on students in need of support, their learning conditions, and support measures, to facilitate the preparation of education plans for the students, monitoring of their progress, and regular reviews. An early identification and notification mechanism is also in place and students will be referred for professional diagnosis if necessary, so that appropriate collaboration can be formulated.


The school provides appropriate tangible support in terms of equipment and facilities for students with SEN, such as lifts, barrier-free stairs, dimpled floors, and wheelchairs. A case meeting is held at the beginning of the school year for every newly admitted student with SEN, and assistance is provided in the development of an Individual Education Plan (IEP), considering the student’s circumstances, if the student requires Tier-3 support.


Finally, our school has participated in the “School-based Study Project on Students with Special Educational Needs (SEN)”. The aim was to deepen and consolidate our school-based SEN support strategies in order to elevate the learning effectiveness of students with SEN. Please refer to the website attached for relevant information or contact our school’s Student Support Team for further consultation.