Moral and Civic Education


The Civic Education Committee has been active for the past 20 years since its establishment in 2001. In the early years, the Unit developed positive values and attitudes through the design of a school-based curriculum to enhance students’ civic awareness. In 2004, the Unit applied for the Quality Education Fund to implement the project of Junior Secondary Learning Experience Profile and set up the St Joseph’s Radio Station and Community Service Team. In 2008, it was renamed the Moral and Civic Education Committee


The Moral and Civic Education Committee has been providing students with diversified other learning experiences, such as “My Action Pledge”, Cleanliness Service, Civic Education Fortnight, Charity Nurturing Project, Anti-drug Education, Anti-corruption Interactive Drama, Volunteer Team, Junior Reporters, Flag-raising Team, and Chinese Culture and Art Appreciation, to nurture positive values in our students. In addition, the Committee has always attached importance to the training of student leaders and the development of students’ leadership potential. After participating in structured volunteer leadership training, including workshops and internships, senior secondary students actively lead their peers to participate in different types of community services, such as wheelchair repair, visits to elderly homes, beach cleaning, fundraising walks, and other learning activities.


The Moral and Civic Education Committee is a collaborative effort of many teachers and is committed to the school mission, school development plan, and ongoing projects of the School Sponsoring Body, with the students at the centre. We are pleased to see our students actively participating in our learning activities and envisage that they will eventually become good citizens of Hong Kong, China, and the world.