Discipline and Guidance as One Service


In line with the spirit of the Franciscan Order of the Catholic Church, the school has a strict school ethos, cares about the growth and development of students, and is committed to helping them develop a positive outlook on life and correct values. The school adopts the Whole School Approach to discipline and guidance and implements the concept of "Discipline and Guidance as One Service", namely "Management and Teaching through Discipline with Love and Guidance with Reason".


In terms of cooperation in discipline and guidance, regular case conferences are held for teachers to discuss student problems that require attention or intervention, so that an effective and consistent strategy can be formulated, and problems can be addressed as soon as possible. In the area of discipline, the school has set up an Attendance Section, a Uniform Appearance Section, a Student Leadership Section, and a Records Section to co-ordinate different tasks, and to update from time to time the Discipline and Guidance Handbook, the Reward and Punishment Guidelines, the procedures for coping with non-compliant students, and the record-keeping system, to establish a harmonious and orderly culture in the school. In the area of guidance, there is a clear guidance referral and follow-up mechanism to provide individual and group guidance for students in need, so that they can engage in school life and learn actively. The school attaches great importance to the role of class teachers in the nurturing work and has established a dual class teacher system in all classes to strengthen the care of students.


The school staff demonstrate the following professional attributes to promote whole-school participation in discipline and guidance:


  • Caring for Students

Understand each student from their perspective and needs and communicate sincerely with them to express their feelings and expectations, creating a harmonious teacher-student relationship.


  • Encouragement and Praise

Appreciate students' efforts and motivate them with timely, sincere, and educationally meaningful encouragement and praise to help them develop their potential and build their confidence.


  • Emphasis on Reflection

Encourage students to think and reflect independently to help them develop the right values.


  • Compassionate and Reasonable

Objective and sensitive to students' feelings, allowing them to accept and bear the consequences of their actions, so that they can discern right from wrong and change for the better.


  • Respect for Difference

Respect the uniqueness of each student and help them grow according to their different needs and competencies