Life Planning Education

Purpose and Objectives:
  1. Organise further education and career-related teaching and activities for students to enhance their knowledge and enrich their experience in this area.
  2. Enhance students' awareness, exploration, and preparation for life planning. Assist students in understanding their interests, abilities, needs, and aspirations to make choices about further education, vocational training, or employment.
  3. Provide students with the assistance, counselling, and information they need to pursue further education or apply for employment.


Main Scope of Work:
  1. Disseminate information such as admission activities of institutions, business trends, etc. to teachers and students.
  2. Assist students in understanding and using key platforms such as JUPAS, E-APP, etc.
  3. Provide certificates, testimonials and recommendation letters for graduates and school leavers.
  4. Assist students in applying for nominations, grants and scholarships in the area of further studies and employment.
  5. Assist students and parents in resolving questions and providing counselling on subject selection, further studies, and career-related matters.
  6. Arrange life planning-related teaching and activities.
  7. Conduct graduate exit surveys.


Examples of Teaching and Activities:
  1. Seminars by tertiary institutions
  2. Mock interview workshops for further studies and job hunting
  3. Sharing by senior students and alumni
  4. Career interest assessment tests
  5. Seminars on subject selection for S3 parents and students
  6. Visits to the Education and Career Expo
  7. Mock workplace experiences
  8. Business-School Partnership Programme
  9. Life planning mentorship programme
  10. Life planning course