Extracurricular Activities and Leadership Training


Through our extra-curricular activities, students are taught skills to enhance their leadership abilities and to make their school life more enjoyable and fulfilling so that they can progress steadily towards a more eventful life. The extra-curricular activities also bring them closer to their teachers and allow them to develop moral values with their assistance and support. The students can take part in activities that take place in school, outside school, or even overseas, whether they are subject or non-subject based, during or after school hours. The holistic development of students through such comprehensive learning activities is an integral part of the development of extra-curricular activities in our school.


Participation in extra-curricular activities not only encourages students to make good use of their leisure time and enjoy their lives, but also gives them the opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt in the classroom, bringing theory and life closer together and making the pursuit of knowledge more meaningful and interesting. As there is no fixed range of extra-curricular activities, we can help students develop a wide range of interests, develop their potential, and foster a positive attitude towards life by implementing extra-curricular activities appropriately.


Through a series of structured leadership training programmes, we can offer our students the right skills to be leaders on campus. Based on the concept of "mutual support and growth", we can enhance students' leadership and communication skills, as well as their self-confidence and independent thinking skills.


Our extra-curricular activity societies can be broadly divided into seven categories: service, academic, hobby, arts, sports, religious, and uniformed teams, each with a different role to play, and students can choose according to their interests, time, and abilities.